Acupuncture is a powerful medical modality dating back more than 2500 years. It is now one of the most commonly used and respected alternative health therapies with extensive modern research and centuries of practical clinical application. It's primary goal is to bring the body back into the proper alignment and harmonize what has become disharmonious. See how Acupuncture can help you today!



Cupping therapy has been a part of many cultures healing modalities for thousands of years, most notably China. It has a wide array of uses, most notably to relax muscle tissue, improve circulation, and stopping pain. See how cupping therapy can help you today!



Chinese herbal therapy is a traditional medical system dating back over 2000 years using natural plant, animal, and mineral products to alleviate health concerns both symptomatically and at their root. Each formula is custom tailored to the needs of the patient and we use only high quality ingredients available only to Licensed Practitioners, ensuring both it's safety and efficacy. See how Chinese Herbal Therapy can help you today!



Moxibustion is another aspect of Chinese Medicine that involves the burning of mugwort to produce a healing effect on the body. It is used primarily to warm, revitalize, lessen pain, and strengthen the body. it is often a key aspect the the healing of many chronic concerns. See how Moxibustion can help you today!