berry gallery

berry acupuncture is proud to support local artists. Artists work displayed in the office are available for purchase. Proceeds from the sales are provided to the artists. Visit our featured artists work online and in the office. Please use the buttons below to see our current artist collections.

Current featured artists include Youssoupha N’Diaye, Daniel N, Sara Sardino, Nancy Felice and Mohammed A. Rayed.

Youssoupha N’Diaye

Youssoupha’s progression as an artist has developed drastically over the past two years. Once creating line drawings in pencil from reference images. Youssoupha now uses his imagination to produce self portraits and other work in full color. In this particular body of work Youssoupha incorporates colors both subtle and rich in order to achieve depth and movement in his work. Youssoupha’s very simple use of milk as a medium has produced an an abstraction of shapes and colors layered upon each other.

‘Molecular State’

Daniel N

There is a presence of fluidity in Daniel’s current work, this is something that is not often found in Daniel’s art. Here, Daniel steps out of his comfort zone and strays from his usual geometric and sharp lines often seen when he creates his signature colorful houses. Daniel has used milk as a medium to encapsulate the movement of liquid on paper, in turn producing watercolor-like paintings.

‘Fluidity at a Standstill’

Sara Sardeno

Often inspired by her recollections of dreams, Sara uses fine lines and rich blacks in this current body of work. Pen on paper is Sara’s medium of choice and is incorporated in a majority of her work. Sara’s intention is to allow the viewer a look into her dream-like world. Intricate in style, Sara’s line work is expressive yet simple.

‘Ethereal Dreams’

Nancy Felice

Felice is a NY based artist using acrylic paint on canvas. The expressive strokes of her brush are the focal point of her astract work.

“I am inspired by abstract works and enjoy repetition and patterns. Painting continuously amplifies my feelings. My process is a whole-body experience. Brushes are an extension of my body. My emotions translate into movement of brushes that become imprinted on the canvas.”

‘Emotions Repeat’

Mohammed A. Rayed

Mohamed is a New York based artist who works mainly with water and acrylic based markers. His pattern invoked work is illustrative of something almost a microscopic organism under a petri dish. Rayed’s work has been shown at the Queens Museum.

“Being partially sighted informs my work. By drawing up close to the canvas and creating lines, slowly the pieces connect and become whole. Abstract and geometric patterns feel mechanical and organic at once. These patterns and shapes are not observed from the external world but come from within.”

‘Petri Dish’