Cupping is a traditional, multicultural treatment technique that involves the use of heat to affix a glass or bamboo "cup" to areas of the body to produce a therapeutic effect. It has been used for thousands of years, perhaps most extensively as part of Chinese Medicine. So the question many ask themselves; what does it do?

What is the purpose of cupping?

  •  To act as a diagnostic - The relative darkness of the marks produced by cupping can tell us as Acupuncturists how deep the problem is or the relative level of stagnation there is. It helps to identify exactly where a problem is. 
  • To improve circulation and promote healing
  • Detoxify - Cupping helps dredge up built up toxins from within the muscle tissue and brings them to the surface to be swept away by the body's immune system. This, in turn, helps relieve fatigue, and can strengthen the bodies natural immune system. 
  • Relax muscle tissue and relieve muscle tension - Overused muscles or muscles that have had previous trauma tend to build up a lot of tension. This is especially true of those that work a repetitive job. 


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