Chinese Herbalism



CHinese Herbalism has existed for over 2000 years. Essentially, it is the use of plant, mineral, animal, and shell products in combination with each other to treat disease. 

So how does it work?


Herbal Remedies are given as formulas, which means they are made up of several ingredients to maximize their effectiveness and reduce potential side effects. This sets it apart from western herbalism which focus's on the use of single herbal treatments. All formulas can be custom made to fit the constitution and the combined needs of the patient. There are usually few side effects as a result. Herbs can be used to treat a wide variety of disorders; from digestive disorders to tinnitus and anxiety. Also, we at Berry Acupuncture use only pharmaceutical grade ingredients from quality assured reputable companies.

SO how do I take them?

Generally, herbal remedies come in three different forms.

  • Granules - In granular form, the herbs have been pre-prepared and ground into powder. All you need to do is mix warm water with the prescribed amount of the herb and drink it as many times per day as directed.
  • Raw - In raw form, the herbs are given to the patient to be prepared as a decoction and drank usually twice per day as directed. 
  • Pill - The herbs in this form have been pre-prepared and pressed into small teapills or sometimes capsules and are to be taken orally as directed. 

Your herbalist will inform you the most appropriate form for you for your given condition. if you want to know more about chinese herbalism or wish to see if it can help you, book your free 15 minute consultation today.